Discover Germany, Issue 29, August 2015

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Page 134

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Coaching & Consulting

Envisioning the future, designing change Berlin-based consultant and coach Thomas Wehrs guides businesses and individuals through challenges and personal development. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE

Through working in the United States and Germany, Thomas Wehrs has met many managers and has noticed that some lack the necessary leadership skills to thrive in their industries or successfully interact with their employees. He describes a fundamental difference between managers and leaders. Managers focus on security during challenging times and stay within their specific field. Leaders do this as well, but also explore new areas, embed positive change, whilst maintaining proven methods and acting as a transparent guide to their employees. Wehrs’goal is to strengthen the professional excellence of each individual. He explains further: “Professional excellence

means that the person has a comprehensive understanding of their own job. Part of this professional understanding are personal values and the personal social field of activity. Hence it is beneficial to align a career with one’s personal journey and character.” The personality of his clients plays a major role for the coach. Professional behaviour is based on the self-perception and ability of each person and is hence deeply rooted in their personality and the fundamental philosophy of humanity. “During my workshops, I build a personal relationship with my clients, creating a trusting and safe environment where participants can open up and discover themselves,” he explains. Aside from continuing

his own education, Wehrs is looking into establishing a training institute for systemic consulting and transactional analysis, a future home port for leaders and organisational developers.

Portrait: Thomas Wehrs. Photo: Marko Priske

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