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Portrait: Katrin Frohberg

standing of the individual needs. It’s just not enough to theoretically analyse the processes. The art of my profession is to find strategies and techniques which can be used on a daily basis – even years after the coaching,” Frohberg explains. She adds: “Communication is my lifeblood. Through successful and valuable communication, we can be productive, enter good connections and find sense.”

Always putting people first Sales trainer, advisor, coach – Katrin Frohberg might be many things but one factor remains constant: she is sure to offer a holistic development process in which people are paramount. While using INtem’s® exceptional interval system which is based on the latest insights of brain research, Katrin Frohberg also impresses with her unprecedented ability to understand people. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF I PHOTOS: KATRIN FROHBERG

“Training and coaching are my profession and my passion,” Katrin Frohberg smiles. For over 20 years, she has gained extensive professional experience in qualifying people. Having worked as a manager in sales or as a leadership coach, she has completed an academy course in health economics and has worked in regional and national management positions. She notes: “My journey through life was full of human and sales-related experiences. I draw from this and pass it onto people.”Offering her services for entire companies, individual man-

132 | Issue 29 | August 2015

agers or private people, her special focus lies on the health system. Starting with an analysis of one’s potential, Frohberg then develops a custom-made change- and training concept which relates to the respective company structure, culture and goals. Through an exceptional understanding of people and a gentle human approach, she holistically learns about their strengths and motivations. “The special thing is that I examine each aspect of a company. Thus, I get a really good under-

Always showing people how they can foster their communicative growth and how to strengthen their confidence, she works with INtem’s® interval system. The pioneering training method ensures that“substantially more than the common ten per cent of new know-how after further education are implemented in the working life,”according to Frohberg. She explains:“Immediately after the first interval, measurable behavioural changes and results show. The change between seminar- and implementation phases in the interval system most effectively guarantees the direct transfer into practice.” From communication training, seminars, team-coaching or individual coaching to service training, sales development programs, consultancy for hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, the medical trade, medical supply centre or doctor’s practices– Katrin Frohberg solely offers individual concepts and impresses with her human focus.