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Regional ties and international praise Austrian dairy company Gmundner Milch takes pride in its strong bond with the Salzkammergut region and produces a world championship winning cheese. TEXT: DORINA REICHHOLD | PHOTOS: GMUNDNER MILCH

Crystal-clear lakes, blues skies, a stunning mountain range and cows peacefully grazing on endless green pastures.This is every tourist’s typical idea of the beautiful Salzkammergut region in Upper Austria and it fully lives up to these expectations. Cheese production has always been an important part of the traditional crafts within the region and with its unspoilt and healthy nature, Salzkammergut is the perfect area to produce milk and dairy products of the highest quality. It comes naturally that it is also the home of award-winning dairy producer Gmundner Milch, one of Austria`s leading dairies. Its headquarters are situated in the town of Gmunden, famous for

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its ceramic manufacturing and a popular tourist destination. The company has been connected to the region for a long time, having been founded more than 80 years ago when 40 dairy farmers got together to found the first dairy cooperative of the Salzkammergut area. Today around 3,000 dairy farmers from Upper Austria, as well as from the bordering areas Salzburg and Lower Austria, supply fresh raw milk to the Gmundner dairy every day. Here it is manufactured into various dairy and cheese products, which are distributed internationally.The dairy company owns the three different brands Gmundner Milch, Almliesl

and Rosan, offering a wide range of different dairy products such as drinking milk, coffee cream, yoghurt, sour cream, whipped cream,