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Page 115

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Made in Austria

The healing tree Home to the Austrian Alps, the Arolla pine has recently been identified to provide numerous health benefits to humans. Thanks to Austria-based AROLLA Home, you can now enjoy nature’s merits such as a deeper sleep from the comfort of your home. TEXT: SONJA IRANI | PHOTOS: AROLLA HOME

“On average, we inhale and exhale approximately 26,000 times a day,” explains Philipp Mayerhofer, Managing Director at AROLLA Home. “The air of a room enriched with the pure ingredients of the Arolla pine, has been proven in scientific studies to have many positive effects on human health and wellbeing. So why not benefit from what nature gives us?” The products that Mayerhofer and his American business partner Emanuel Coelho distribute across Austria, Germany and even as far as the USA, range from sleeping pillows enriched with Arolla pine shavings and its oil, tall-standing air diffusers or cubes made from 100 per cent Arolla pine wood to pure Arolla pine oil. All products can potentially lower your heart

rate, induce a deeper sleep, improve recovery time post exercise or strenuous activities, increase your immune system functions, stabilise blood circulation, decrease weather sensitivity and provide antibacterial effects.

Meanwhile, the innovative business partners have extended their offering to soothe the little ones too.“I am a father of a twoyear-old daughter,” explains Mayerhofer. “When Anna was born, I asked myself why only us adults should benefit from the advantages of the Arolla pine. So we developed a sleeping pillow for babies. The soothing effect of the Arolla pine shavings inside the pillow helps children to sleep deeper more quickly. This way, the parents will benefit too.”

All this was discovered by chance, as Mayerhofer recalls. “When Emanuel was in Austria on a business trip, we sat down in an Austrian Zirbenstube, a bar panelled with Arolla pine wood. He asked me where this nice smell came from. He couldn’t explain why, but for some reason he felt really good. Somehow it felt soothing. I then told him a bit more about this kind of wood and we both became so curious that we continued pursuing this initial thought, eventually founding AROLLA Home.”

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