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Page 114

Discover Germany | Special Theme | Great, Green & Organic

The healing quality of olive leaf extract Andrea Ciccolella’s Swiss company Olivum offers a range of organic products developed from the olive tree, perfect for a healthy lifestyle. TEXT: MARILENA STRACKE | PHOTO: OLIVUM

It all started in 2011 when Andrea Ciccolella’s Italian friend figured out how to extract the precious Oleuropein from the olive leaf. For health-conscious Ciccolella, who was ready to get back to work after her maternity leave, this was the perfect opportunity to start a company she truly believed in. Olivum was born. “I tried the product and was absolutely thrilled. It was love at first sight,”Ciccolella remembers.“I put all my energy and passion into it, which was maybe a little naïve, without market analysis.”But her instincts were right. Today Ciccolella has close ties with homeopaths, pharmacies and health food stores. Products range from pure Oleu-

ropein to olive oil and face cream. The Oleuropein boosts the immune system and is particularly advisable during autumn to strengthen the body for winter. “We have been most successful with people who generally object to medication but have health problems such as high blood pressure or elevated blood cholesterol. Digestive problems, chronic fatigue and skin problems have also vastly improved with our products,” explains Ciccolella. For Ciccolella it is not only about the products. Work ethic and sustainable distribution methods, such as using shipping boxes made of recycled paper, are equally important to her. Olivum is still at the beginning of its journey but it is certainly bound to grow.

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