Discover Germany | Issue 28 | July 2015

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Page 78

Re-defining modern sustainability Through thoughtful consideration of the environmental contexts, sustainable methods, quality processes and the use of natural materials, Kaundbe Architects creates beautiful public, corporate and private spaces. Their architecture is stylistic yet natural, sustainable and integrative. TEXT: ELISABETH DOEHNE | PHOTOS: KAUNDBE ARCHITECTS

By drawing influences from their immediate environment, using existing materials, resources and sustainable structures, Kaundbe Architects’ creative work has set a new benchmark for modern architecture. The

78 | Issue 28 | July 2015

firm’s goal is to developing strategies to shape building designs that will ultimately conserve natural resources and create healthy built and economic environments. “We are committed to developing and im-

proving the quality and livability of our environment. We create project-specific solutions for complex tasks, and we build structures that represent our technical, sustainable and aesthetic values,” explains the firm. 17 years of expertise Kaundbe Architects was founded in 1998 by Richard Brander and Thomas Keller as a joint stock company. Together with their highly qualified and professional team of