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Discover Germany | Wine&Dine | SpreeBalance & TIAN Restaurant

Let your beauty blossom Enjoy relaxing, romantic and unforgettable hours, days or weeks in the health- and wellness house of SpreeBalance in Burg. Revel in the Spree Forest’s beautiful nature, explore an extensive wellness program, relax, switch off from everyday life, recharge your batteries and let your wellbeing blossom. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: RICHARD KLICHE / WALTER SCHÖNENBRÖCHER

“We want that our guests gather new strength and energy for their everyday lives,” Antje Kollasch, manager, says. SpreeBalance offers a comprehensive package: nature, exercise, relaxation, wellness and diet – everything you need to take a step back from your stressful everyday routine.“Our guests appreciate the family atmosphere and the friendly and dedicated employees,” Antje Kollasch explains. Look forward to 38 large rooms and suites with an elegant interior, which convey the warm ambience of a private home, but fulfil the high standards of modern luxury at the same time. Contemporary interior design and interesting colour and light arrangements help to bring body, mind and soul in balance.

Experience the nature of the Spree Forest and strengthen your body with an extensive range of health boosting activities, such as Nordic walking, hiking or inline, as well as ice skating. “Indulge in a world of relaxation with the exclusive offers in our wellness lounge Balance,”Antje Kollasch adds. Konrad’s restaurant and bar recommends with a perfect combination of rustic ambience, contemporary design and surprising interpretations of regional, additive-free delicacies. The freshest ingredients, a special fitness menu for cyclists or lactose-free dishes – the restaurant is sure to please every culinary wish. www.spreebalance.de

Experience taste – the meatless way Munich’s TIAN restaurant is a true trendsetter: the vegetarian gourmet restaurant impresses with tasteful and fancily composed fish and meatfree culinary delicacies in an urban, puristic ambience. Established at the Viktualienmarkt in the heart of the city in 2014, TIAN’s head chef Christoph Mezger puts a special emphasis on using sustainably produced, seasonal, regional and organic ingredients. TEXT: NANE STEINHOFF | PHOTOS: DANIEL SCHVARCZ

“I concentrate on the natural tastes of my ingredients to get the distinctive character out of each one,“ Christoph Mezger says. The cuisine fascinates with creative and light vegetarian food which won’t make one miss meat. Home of the TIAN is the Derag Living Hotel – a hotel which shares the restaurant’s green ideas. Together they set new standards for Munich; not only with the vegetarian cuisine, but also with a new energy-efficient hotel building. “Here it is fun to look, to smell, to taste and to savour – in accordance with the motto ‘experience taste‘,“ Christoph Mezger says. One of the few of its kind in

40 | Issue 25 | April 2015

the German-speaking countries, an open kitchen also reveals the live preparation of desserts or tarte flambees. A minimalist

menu reveals the ingredients, but doesn’t disclose anything about the overall composition which guarantees a positive surprise effect.“There are things which do us good and which enrich our life with a ‘wow‘,“ Christian Halper, owner of TIAN, explains. Why not try one of TIAN’s two- or three-course lunch menus from 19 to 24 Euros or a three- to five-course dinner from 35 to 62 Euros? www.taste-tian.com/restaurant

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Discover Germany | Issue 25 | April 2015  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.

Discover Germany | Issue 25 | April 2015  

Discover Germany promotes German, Swiss & Austrian Design, Tourism, Food, Culture and Business.