Discover Germany | Issue 24 | March 2015

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Discover Germany | Special Theme | Outstanding Business Consultants

Main image: The Asian and especially Chinese market has become more and more important. Below: CEO and senior consultant Andreas Benoit.

Assessments with a multicultural approach Benoit Consulting Ltd is more than a specialist for the Chinese market “Think and act global” is the leitmotif, says Benoit Consulting’s CEO and senior consultant Andreas Benoit. Or to put it in Chinese: 思考与行动全球化 Based in the centre of Bern, Switzerland, Benoit Consulting has become an expert in dealing with clients from the Asian market and those based in Europe but requiring to expand their business, for example to China. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN | PHOTOS: PRESS IMAGES

Benoit Consulting provides professional services according to clients’ needs. The Asian market is becoming more and more important for European corporations – not only to sell products but also in cooperating with companies in this region. In recent years not only have European companies established manufacturing facilities in China, but also the Chinese direct investments are growing in Europe and, for example, Africa. According to a study conducted by the German Bertelsmann Stiftung Chinese investments in Germany alone could grow up to two billion US Dollars in 2020. Because of China’s growing importance Benoit Consulting has specialised in the Asian market – with a focus on China and Hong Kong. Doing business with China and Hong Kong issues special challenges: Not only

will European business partners face quite a different culture and way of life but also completely different handling of management and business. Benoit Consulting prepares European partners to deal with these challenges accordingly. Next to Benoit Consulting’s main office in Bern and Zurich, there are permanent offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

all consultants have long-term work experiences on the highest professional level. Benoit Consulting is a certified member of Swiss Assessment, an association of AC experts from large-scale enterprises, universities, administrations and consultancies. Above that Benoit Consulting is the Swiss representative of the Global Alliance for Performance Improvement (GAPI). With GAPI 13 independent firms with a total of 34 offices specialised in business psychology and a multicultural consulting approach have formed a successful partnership.

Since 2001 Andreas Benoit and his team and partners are using internationally recognized and scientifically proven assessment tools to optimize business structures and eliminate problems that have arisen in companies. With Benoit Consulting coaching is never a theoretical approach but always related to practice. Feedback and a detailed report are part of the service. Coaching and assessment are conducted in German, French, English and Chinese;

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