Discover Germany | Issue 24 | March 2015

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Page 83

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enormous effort can quickly change through a culmination of various factors: suddenly, thoughts are blocked in a problem trance, solutions seem to be out of reach, the impression of failure becomes more and more present and the feeling of self-effectiveness drastically decreases.The old faith in one’s own capacities needs to be re-established. Executive Sparring – a comprehensive accompaniment Executive Sparring goes far beyond classic consulting or coaching. Most clients’situations are complex and require a dynamic mix of roles from the conversation partner. If specializing only in the role of a consultant or coach, it will hardly be possible to provide the comprehensive support that is needed. Therefore, a professional sparring partner must not only possess broad methodological competence, but most of all particularly human qualities. Only on this basis, co-creation can happen – a close collaboration on even par that is fertile ground for amazing insight and solutions, given that both parties are open and get involved in the process.

working with a sparring partner. They just cherish the regular exchange and room for trusting conversations with someone who is neutral, unbiased and who doesn’t have a personal agenda.These conversations can take place in various settings: in the sparring partner’s or the client’s premises, on a walk in the park, in hotels, on car rides or even during flights – of course utmost discretion and confidentiality are a given at all times. Conclusion Personal support for executives is no longer a luxury. It is fundamental in order to successfully face future challenges.The stigma of the manager that doesn’t seem to make it on his own is slowly giving way to an image that resembles one of a top athlete. Someone who can not only afford having a personal sparring partner but who confidently shows this as a privilege and sign of authenticity and the ability for self-reflection.

Just talking Finally, there are clients who don’t even necessarily follow a clearly set goal when

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Social isolation and pressure have increased Ever since those days, our society has changed drastically. In the age of technology with its increasing possibilities of digital communication, genuine dialogue has fallen by the wayside and social isolation has massively increased. Rising up the career ladder can further increase the feeling of loneliness – and what that can lead to is described in the introduction of this article. This being said, for people in top-positions, it is absolutely fundamental to be able to exchange thoughts openly, to talk about their fears and concerns and discuss possible solutions. Leaders are expected to resolve seemingly unresolvable situations and make the right decisions. Pressure is often huge and what works for a certain period of time and with

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