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Infrastructure as a Service Cloud Computing and its transformative affects on a company’s Information Technology processes, budgets, software and hardware deployments is one of the biggest stories of 2015. In fact, it’s estimated that Europe’s total cloud expenditures will be upwards of €600 billion by 2020. The pressure to be more agile and leverage technology to drive new initiatives while taking advantage of the inherent benefits of cloud computing (rapid IT deployments, OPEX vs. CAPEX spending, automation) is increasing.

the unique needs of EU businesses.“The customers are always the centre of our attention. We enable them to access and control the cloud as easily as possible. Our solid technical features, data security measures and a simple, extremely flexible graphic user interface help make their transition to the cloud easier,”Petra-Maria Grohs, CSO, says.


Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, is the foundation of cloud computing, and is now becoming the default model for transforming traditional IT deployments. Germany’s ProfitBricks is at the forefront of the EUbased cloud transition movement and offers easy to use cloud computing resources that are flexible enough to replace aging, nonscalable IT deployments, while helping teams launch new IT initiatives with lower costs and less risk – in part due to German data protection laws that ProfitBricks reinforces.

54 | Issue 24 | March 2015

ProfitBricks, a second generation cloud computing provider, designed the service to meet

Founded in 2010, ProfitBricks employs 125 people from 23 countries. Achim Weiß and Andreas Gauger, two pioneers of the hosting industry, former board members of 1&1, and founders of ProfitBricks, wanted to offer the most simple, flexible and efficient virtual datacentres to businesses; to combine the advantages of cloud computing with the familiar look and feel of a traditional datacentre. Halving the prices for both CPU cores and RAM in August 2013, the company gained