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Discover Germany | Special Theme | CeBIT 2015

Left: The app-controlled robot driven by adrenaline. Photo: Sphero – Ollie Below: Take control of your home security with an easy-to-use system controlled from your smart phone. Photo: iHealth – iSmartAlarm

Contact sensors, which immediately notify you about open doors, windows or cupboards, are flexible and wireless, while the motion detector is wireless and portable. It enables you to place the sensors everywhere you want and it will immediately notify you about intruders or activities around your house.

grammes and apps for the Sphero with orbBasics. “This gadget guarantees fun which will last for hours. From multiplayer games to augmented reality in your own living room – everything is possible,”Armin Straßburger says. Sphero 2.0 is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Ollie – Robotic Gaming System Ollie is a cylinder-shaped, super-fast, appcontrolled roboter, which is better and more versatile than every racing car and which can be individually designed – thanks to interchangeable tyres and hub caps. Thanks to the combination of the Sphero 2.0 technologies with innovative control functions and integrated gameplay, the robot creates a completely new experience, which you can easily control from your phone or tablet. “Run, jump, do tricks and receive automatic feedback and points, according to the difficulty level of your manoeuvre. Coding apps are available too,” Armin Straßburger describes. The concept is that you get points for your driving skills, which you can collect and with which you can develop new skills or styles of driving. The ultimate goal is to achieve the master level with the fast robot that can reach over six metres per second. Compatible with iOS and Android, the app gadget will definitely change the way you used to play.

52 | Issue 24 | March 2015

iSmartAlarm If you search for an app gadget that is helpful, innovative and smart and which will facilitate your life, look no further. iSmartAlarm is an alarm system, which everyone can install in their homes by themselves. Simply check on your house on the go with your mobile phone. With no contracts or monthly fees, the alarm system comprises several different components, which all – or in part – can be installed. The‘CubeOne’is the brain of the system, the central plug-n-play hub, which is extendable almost without limit.

If you don’t have your iOS or Android device at hand, you can simply control the system or deactivate the panic alarm with the remote control. The system also identifies children or pets who carry the remote control.“The app informs you about who is in your house, who enters and leaves the door or about the operating status of each sensor. Furthermore, it warns all authorised members with a push notification and sends an email if the iSmartAlarm security system observes a burglary or a non-authorised activity,”Armin Straßburger concludes.