Discover Germany | Issue 24 | March 2015

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Page 51

Discover Germany | Special Theme | CeBIT 2015

Primarily being active as distributor for mobile phone accessories, the company has an extensive portfolio of various app gadgets – from entertaining and funny to helpful, smart and innovative. Narrative Clip Hilarious authentic moments, sudden surprises or your baby’s first step. The Narrative Clip camera lets you stay in the moment while also capturing it. With this gadget you will have your hands free when it matters, while still being able to collect and share your stories with your friends online. “We think that this app gadget is particularly interesting at the moment,” Armin Straßburger states. Narrative Clip is a gadget that you can simply clip onto your clothing and which automatically takes a photo every 30 seconds. The small camera makes it possible for users to take photos and to track their lives without having to take out their phone or even manually take a photo.“The accompanying Narrative App automatically arranges and groups the pictures through an algorithm,” Armin Straßburger says.“This app gadget is perfect for every life-logger or every person who desires to take pictures of a certain event without spoiling the moment with a camera,” Armin Straßburger adds. products, the company with 130 employees also distributes car accessories – especially in the Car HiFi sector, where their successful home brand Rainbow reinforces their market share. Furthermore, AIV offers everything in the area of cable systems for the smaller Home category, such as HiFi- and Sat receivers, as well as more and more brands and products from the Smart Home sector, such as the iHealth and BeeWi brand.

family with games or interesting programming software so that it never gets boring. Kill zombies with ‘The Rolling Dead’, play golf in your living room or share the fun with your friends and family over the multiplayer mode or tabletop mode. The app Sphero MacroLab lets you create small programmes and macros easily – and you definitely won’t need previous programming knowledge. Advanced coders can develop high-performance pro-

Main image: Active holder for the iPhone 6 with cig-plug and Apple approved charging cable. Photo: Brodit holder for iPhone 6 Left: Smart Travel Charger. Photo: TYLT – ENERGI 2K (top) You can answer the phone, read text messages and see push notifications, all without opening the frontal flap. Photo: Puro – Sense Collection iPhone6 (middle) Colorful protection for your Smartphone. Photo: Spada – IMD Design Covers (below) Above: A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory. Photo: Narrative - Narrative Clip Below: The world's first app-controlled robotic ball. Photo: Sphero – Sphero 2.0

Sphero 2.0 This app gadget describes an app-controlled ball-robot, which is waterproof, dirtrepellant and shockproof. Additionally, it is equipped with multi-coloured LED lights which glow in the dark. More than 25 free apps are available to entertain the whole

“Reward for our work is the quality of our products and services as well as the satisfaction of our customers. Quality starts with the first contact to a business partner and only ends with the solution for a product or service problem. Quality is a value in itself applying throughout for every employee,” Armin Straßburger says.

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