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Attraction of the Month Austria

Left top: Strike a pose with alpine ski racing champion Renate Götschl Left below: Join the party with Brangelina and Johnny Depp

wax figure takes three to four months and only the most skilled artists and craftsmen are capable of bringing a person to life in the London-based production studio. While 200 years ago the wax figures were just showcased to be admired, today things get far more advanced.“We offer a lot of interactive games in our attraction. Our guests can dance the Moonwalk with Michael Jackson, challenge Albert Einstein in an intelligence quiz or measure their skills with footballer Hans Krankl and tennis icon Thomas Muster,” Kruschinksi explains.

Up, close and personal with the VIPs in Vienna At Madame Tussauds Wien rubbing shoulders with the stars is a dream come true. Meet the wax counterfeits of your favourite celebrities and don’t be afraid to take a selfie with your superstar. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: MADAME TUSSAUDS WIEN

Marie Grosholtz was born in Strasbourg in 1761 and little did she know that she would become the mother of countless and ever more popular life-size wax figurines, which now fascinate millions of people from all over the world year after year. Madame Tussauds, as the exhibition is called today, is based in 20 different locations worldwide and children and adults alike can’t get enough of the gorgeous A-listers on display. “We make dreams come true, because our visitors can physically meet their stars. Our

58 | Issue 20 | November 2014

guests can enjoy a cup of coffee with George Clooney, cuddle up with Robbie Williams or strike a pose with ski champion Renate Götschl before she takes off and down the slopes,” Arabella Kruschinski, managing director of Madame Tussauds Wien, rejoices. Taking a closer look at the figure feels almost surreal, as they seem to be alive, ready to talk in the very next moment. Their eyes are clear and focused and it is very hard to fully grasp that these humans are just puppets. The painstaking production of a single

At Madame Tussauds Wien it is hard to pick a favourite. Historic figures such as the famous Empress Sissi as well as contemporary figures that shape today’s media coverage are part of the exhibition. National heroes and international superstars are waiting to mingle with the guests. Apart from the permanent ensemble, each year three new stars are added to the cast and to keep things even more exciting, further Alisters travel toVienna from other Madame Tussauds locations once in a while to meet their fans.

Madame Tussauds Wien