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Attraction of the Month Germany

“Marta is different. Marta moves. Marta connects.” Marta Herford is an internationally oriented museum for contemporary art with a special focus on architecture and design. An innovative and future-oriented approach towards the arts makes it a great artistic experience for all senses. TEXT: TINA AWTANI | PHOTOS: MARTA HERFORD MUSEUM

Located in the North Rhine-Westphalian town of Herford the Marta museum is easy to spot as the building alone is certainly different. Created by no less than CanadianAmerican Pritzker Prize winning architect Frank Owen Gehry the unique design is second to none.“The signature silhouette of the building, featuring those dancing and intertwined cubes, has become a kind of icon for this region. It is a fascinating physical experience to watch the cascading metal roof and experience its sun reflections or watch the rain pouring down on it,”mu-

Roland Nachtigäller, Artistic Director

54 | Issue 20 | November 2014

seum director Roland Nachtigäller muses. “Great artworks such as Michael Sailstorfer‘s helicopter in front of the house or Paolo Chiasera’s Tupac-statue on the plaza are beautiful to admire and the Marta Cafe on the water offers enchanting views of the museum’s peaceful surrounding,”he adds. Inside Marta Herford inspires visitors’ senses with ever-changing, exciting and innovative exhibitions. Contemporary art, architectural research and basic questions of design are turned into pioneering contemporary themes with a strong link to the past. “Marta is different. Marta moves. Marta connects. These are our core values and though it may sound quite simple, following these core values throughout is a big daily challenge,”Nachtigäller explains. A challenge he and his team have successfully mastered so far. In 2015 Marta will celebrate its 10th anniversary and exciting events are scheduled. Further details will

be announced on the museum’s website shortly. The Marta Herford museum does not only open its doors for individuals and group visitors. It also serves as a fantastic event location. The forum, the lobby and various seminar rooms are available for private and corporate hire, offering a most stylish backdrop for conferences, functions, celebrations, parties, literature readings and more. Almost magically Marta Herford blends art with daily life, economy and culture into a harmonious whole. Above: © Helmut Claus Below: Exhibition of artworks by Massimo Bartolini, Gregor Hildebrandt, Aura Satz and Nik Nowak. © Hans Schroeder