Discover Germany | Issue 20 | November 2014

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KISKA Designing Desire Why do we instantly recognize a motorcycle when it races past us on the motorway? It is the design that tells us about the brand. Great design has the capacity to attract attention, stir emotion and spark loyalty for the brand. For nearly 25 years the Austrian design and brand consultancy KISKA has worked with the world’s top brands to sharpen, shape and create their brand’s unique values. TEXT: CORDELIA MAKARTSEV | PHOTOS: KISKA

“The most powerful and enduring brands are built from the heart,” said Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks. This statement echoes the vision KISKA founder and CEO Gerald Kiska strives to accomplish for his clients every day: “Co-creating desirable brands through design was the core vision I had when founding KISKA. It is the value that drives KISKA to this day. Today we do this not only through design, but consulting and

34 | Issue 20 | November 2014

ate desirable brand experiences in close cooperation with the client, by placing the brand at the centre of the product and the product at the centre of the brand. In 1991, KISKA took on the Austrian motorbike manufacturer KTM as a client, which has resulted in a brand-building journey that has lasted over two decades.

communication services as well, which includes capabilities ranging from research and brand consulting, to product communication, corporate design, digital media and photography/videography.” Since 1990, when Gerald Kiska started the company from the kitchen table of his home, KISKA has helped companies to envision their future by defining their brand’s values, significance and ultimate differentiation factor. KISKA’s approach is to co-cre-

Gerald Kiska