Discover Germany | Issue 20 | November 2014

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The panacea for your home With deceptively simple forms and stark contrasts using solid wood and white surfaces, Jannis Ellenberger’s work is an exception from that of many other German designers, earning him the ‘if product design award’ for his free-standing sink, which stands at the centre of his own delightful and inimitable private space collection. TEXT: EMMIE COLLINGE | PHOTOS: ALEXANDER FANSLAU, BREMEN, GERMANY

Using his accumulated knowledge to create contemporary classics, Bremen-based ellenbergerdesign is behind some of the most distinctive and meaningful products within Europe as he strives to make products in the studio in which form and function compose a harmonious whole.

Jannis Ellenberger working at his studio in Bremen. Photo: ellenbergerdesign

22 | Issue 20 | November 2014

Separating ellenbergerdesign into two strands (his own Private Space Collection and the contracted work), Jannis Ellenberger explains how the commissions“can be really quite varied.”Required to apply his

expertise as a “service provider”at any stage of the design process, Ellenberger can deliver the initial sketch, the full-scale model, right through to the final prototype. An advocate of long-standing partnerships, Ellenberger has previously developed products for companies including CB2 (USA), Sudbrock (DE), Prandina (I), Studio Lumess (CH) and the Friesland Porzellanfabrik for whom he created a stylish tea set using maple wood and delicate white porcelain.The tea set’s simplicity lends itself to a heart-warming ambiance, allowing the user to enter into a clearer mindset. Ellenberger’s creations are contemporary classics in many senses, and his steadfast notion of “switching off” through surrounding yourself with his creations is embodied in his own Private Space Collection. Considering your home as your sanctuary, he highlights his be-