Discover Germany | Issue 14 | May 2014

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Discover Germany | Dine & Wine | Deutche Weinstraße

Main image: Kalmit wine festival near Ilbesheim. Photo: Ralf Ziegler Below, left: Hambach Castle. Photo: Rolf Schädler Below, middle: Vineyards near Heuchelheim. Photo: Norman Krauß Below, right: Pfälzer Weinsteig. Photo: Dominik Ketz

Road to delight On the so-called German wine street – Deutsche Weinstraße – there is a lot to be discovered, tried and enjoyed. Come and soak up the atmosphere along the way. TEXT: SONJA IRANI | PHOTOS: VEREIN SÜDLICHE WEINSTRASSE LANDAU-LAND E.V.

“Our region is particularly attractive thanks to the mild climate,” says Nina Ziegler from the tourist office of Landau Land. “Along with wine, exotic fruits like kiwis, figs and lemons grow here. Spring starts with the blossoming of the almonds – a lot earlier than in most other parts of Germany.” The start of the almond blossoming heralds the first of the many wine festivals, which take place in the region. Naturally, wine is the other flagship of the area. “We are an innovative wine-growing region with a special connection to our roots,” says Ziegler. “Tradition and

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modernity go hand in hand. There are many young talents who produce excellent wines.” Where there is good wine, good food cannot be far away. Many products are made locally and served fresh. Guests have the choice of dining in some rather exotic settings, such as a rustic cottage in the forest, a traditional wine bar or an upscale restaurant. If you feel like doing some exercise afterwards, grab your hiking boots or a bicycle and discover the region’s vast network of hiking and cycling trails. Spice it up with

Geo-Caching or trekking camps, where families can stay overnight in the forest. In addition, there are many castles, events, museums, leisure facilities, and spa and health resorts waiting to be explored. Experiences such as guided hikes and nature trails, Segway tours or city walks can be booked via the official website that will soon be launched in English. The most popular time to visit is autumn. That’s when the grape harvesting and many festivals take place. But visiting is worthwhile at any time of the year – if only because of the friendly people.“The Palatine locals are very open-minded and kindhearted”, says Ziegler.“We like to talk, party, eat and drink. Combined with our lovely countryside, the culture and the variety of culinary delights and wine, the region Deutsche Weinstraße is the perfect holiday destination for all those who enjoy life.”