Discover Germany | Issue 13 | April 2014

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Conference of the Month Austria

Schloss Hernstein Sustainable seminars in a historical ambience Sustainability has a long tradition at Hernstein Castle and regionality and eco-conscious conduct are an essential part of the business philosophy. As one of Austria’s most famous seminar hotels, Hernstein Castle’s congresses and celebrations are enjoyed within its historical and sustainable setting. TEXT: JESSICA HOLZHAUSEN | PHOTOS: SCHLOSS HERNSTEIN

Located south of Vienna in the Styrian and Lower Austrian Limestone Alps, the castle’s history goes back to the Middle Ages as its predecessors guarded the valley and roamed the streets of Berndorf Village. Refurbished and renovated according to strict historicism, it remains an outstanding example of this architectural epoch. “The whole estate is exciting and appealing to guests with its romantic atmosphere,”says Silke Mayer, staff member at Hernstein Castle, making the seminar hotel an excellent option for events, such as seminars, weddings, photo shoots, the filming of docu-

74 | Issue 13 | April 2014

mentaries and movies, or product presentations. Experience traditional resin tapping of Austrian pines In 2014 Hernstein Castle has introduced a new, exciting and sustainable programme focusing on the area around Hernstein which is home to the European black pine, also known as Austrian pine. These trees shape the region, and the woodland is treasured by locals and visitors alike. But there is also an important economic factor at play as the tree is used for traditional resin