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Luc RasschaeRt

The responsible wealth insurance manager When it comes to international wealth insurance, Luc Rasschaert knows the industry inside out. Currently the chief executive officer at IWI International Wealth Insurance, Rasschaert has over two decades of experience in the financial sector, particularly in banking, wealth management and insurance. teXt: MyRiaM Gwynned dijck | PhOtOs: iwi inteRnatiOnaL weaLth insuRance

set up in 1992, iwi is a Luxembourgbased company that specialises in solid wealth insurance solutions for an international market of high net worth individuals. iwi is particularly focused on Luxembourg, switzerland, France, Belgium, italy and the united kingdom. Rasschaert, who was appointed as ceO of iwi in October last year, explains what sets the company apart. “there are four things, firstly, we have a clear focus on our six key markets. secondly, our organisation is arranged by these markets which makes our team very reactive and it enhances accountability. thirdly, we focus mainly on sustainable, tailor-made and flexible wealth insurance solutions intended specifically for (ultra) high net worth international clients keen to protect, manage and transmit their wealth under the best legal and fiscal con-

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ditions. and lastly, we are the smaller player among the larger ones so we can challenge them by being more agile.” thanks to the success of its core europebased activities, iwi has looked further a field and opened two segments earlier this year, offering their services to residents of israel and Brazil and also accepting private equity contracts. Following a clear vision, Rasschaert is keen to continue to improve the company. he comments: “we are currently working hard to improve our internal efficiency, in particular by adopting improved processes in combination with efficient it solutions for a smoother operation. Furthermore, we want to grow externally and are constantly looking at new opportunities around the world that suit our profile. and finally we will continue our personal focus on the

customer. at iwi we make sure this is something tangible.” a close relationship with customers is certainly something Rasschaert holds in high regard, as he meets many clients on a regular basis. “i didn’t expect these to be such rich encounters. while these meetings can be demanding, our clients invariably have lively personalities and a lot of experience behind them,” he says. apart from good customer relationships, giving confidence in their services is also key for iwi. “it is our commitment to design the best solutions within the framework of a wealth planning structure, considering personal requirements and technical constraints.”

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