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Benelux Business Calendar TEXT: JULIE LINDÉN

The long and warm summer has left us replenished and hungry for new inspiration to boost our business plans. Behold our September business calendar, bursting with exciting events made to entice your creativity and enlighten your mind. 53rd NBCC KLM UK Golf Event Wentworth Club, UK, 16 September On 16 September it is the 53rd time the NBCC KLM UK Golf Event is organised by The Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines as the main sponsor at the famous Wentworth Club. The event’s winner will receive the KLM Golf Trophy and the grand prize of two business class return tickets to any destination within the KLM European Network. More information on this golf event is available on the website Deloitte 7th Art & Finance conference Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, 18 September International experts and local players discuss practical issues and visions of the future. Explore the ‘financialisation’ of the art market and the many business opportunities linked to a global art culture, and the specialised services made to support it.

Last year’s NBCC KLM UK golf event winner, David Chappel of Lotus Business Travel, shakes hands with General Manager of Air France KLM UK/Ireland, Warner Rootliep.

Take part in the European Ports and Shipping Conference in Amsterdam on 18-19 September. Photo: Netherlands Board of Tourism.

European Ports and Shipping Conference Amsterdam, Netherlands, 18-19 September This two-day international conference is to focus on investment strategies, maintenance of ports and enhancing intermodal links as it brings together the largest ports, logistics and shipping companies in the world. Hosted by United Market Insight the conference will explore policy, legal frameworks, port infrastructure and environmental challenges, to name but a few topics. Attracting practitioners from across the industry, the event is bound to be both educational and enriching.

MODX Weekend 2014 Utrecht, the Netherlands, 19-22 September Taking place in the middle of a private forest, the MODX Weekend is an all-inclusive conference that shines light on everything to do with a rapidly changing web industry. The ticket includes 20 sessions on MODX and the web as well as dinners, pick-ups and any other service you need. Update yourself on the MODX tools to manage your web presence.


It’s summer holiday season in the northern hemisphere and most people are off to tan their bodies under the sun, explore old and new cities, or embark on a far-away exotic adventure. Most Luxembourgers love travelling and I don’t know anyone who isn’t looking forward to their ‘vakanz’ (holidays). We work to live, and it’s rare for us not to have one – or often several – upcoming trips lined up. Luxembourgers appreciate comfortable accommodation and good food and for us these are important factors when travelling. We are even willing to pay a bit more in order to have these aspects guaranteed. We are lucky that our geographical location allows us to quickly hop to all main European cities. Judging from my Facebook feed, I would say that the most popular

summer destinations are southern Europe, North Africa, the US, and Southeast Asia. The average Luxembourger goes on four to ten trips per year, which may or may not include business trips. Some of my friends’ “problems” involve finding a new destination. When you have been to more than 60 countries, it does get tricky to find somewhere new that appeals to you and that you can get excited about. Luckily, we can travel freely to many destinations and rarely have hassles with visa requirements.

Once abroad, it’s not unusual to hear “you are the first person that I meet from Luxembourg”. Sure, we are a rare breed, but amongst each other we have certainly covered most countries on this planet. As for my summer trips, I have revisited a few European capitals: Milan, London, Madrid and Paris. Given the fact that since January I have been to Vienna, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Copenhagen and Budapest, one may say that I have done my share of travelling this year. Well, I still have two weeks left to take until the end of the year, and I will hopefully get to go to another exciting place that I have never seen before.

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