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tomised plan. As we age, women are more likely to get acne than men and the cause of this could be inbalances in the skin. By taking control of our skin with the help of a professional, we can do our best to avoid any recurrences of a teenage nightmare. Some spots that just won’t go away? It’s definitely best to make an appointment with an acne specialist right away.

After treatment Naturally, after a thorough treatment, your skin is busy working, and may perhaps look a little red for several hours. After a few more days your skin will be glowing radiently. To ensure that the treatment doesn’t wear off, there are special products that

you can use at home. Keen to get your skin into prime condition? Come and find your local skin speciaiist.

This article is courtesy of the winners of the Beauty Award 2014 and ANBOS, the Brancheorganisatie Schoonheidsverzorging (The Association for Care and Beauty). ANBOS counts approximately 5,000 beauticians and beauty specialists as members. These members are all qualified as beauticians and many are certified in several areas of beauty, so you’re in safe hands with one of ANBOS’s members. To find your local ANBOS specialist, please visit:

Seven tips from beauty land 1. Wrinkle reduction therapy: an intensive form of connective tissue massage that results in improved blood flow, a higher intake of oxygen and therefore a more balanced complexion and an improved skin condition. 2. Beauty bootcamp: a tailor-made package including treatments, advice and products to use at home. 3. VIP treatment: Head to the salon at specific times on certain days and a beautician will be on hand whenever you need new products. 4. Permanent make-up: Using the latest technology, ultra-thin hair strokes can be applied to form great, natural-looking eyebrows. 5. Training programme: By combining beauty treatments, products, super foods and exercises, your body will feel the benefits and it’ll show. 6. Promote collagen: To get an optimal collagen boost use products with a slightly higher concentration of active ingredients, connective tissue massages, an ampoule and a collagen face mask. 7. Peeling: Treat your skin to a hydration boost with a high concentration of fruit acids, which will increase the water-binding capacity of the epidermis.

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