Discover Benelux | Issue 9 | September 2014

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Page 53

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pany really needs. It isn’t rare that companies have a goal in mind without fully knowing how to reach it architecturally, an approach that sometimes sees Bichara and his colleagues tackling topics that would not be instinctively classified in the architecture of things. Although it is difficult to estimate the impact of an architecture project on the performance of a company, it seems evident that Epure’s approach contributes to it.

Optimising space and internal organisation “We have had clients who wanted to double their staff and so, asked us to double the working space. What we proposed instead was finding ways to optimise the space and internal organisation so that our client would understand how architecture could help in the everyday process; bottom line, the client realized that by optimising space they could reach the same goals in a better way,” explains Bichara. For him and his colleagues, considering the wellbeing of their clients’ employees, optimising process to optimise business, creating beautiful and innovative buildings and offices are all parts of creating an environment where people will not only work but also enjoy living in. In essence, Epure’s philosophy is to use architecture in the larger sense to solve its clients’ problems. As Bichara says: “The idea is to act as an orchestra director; we manage the project in all its details, making sure every aspect is handled with a lot of care.”

Epure helps companies understand what they want and reach their goal architecturally, helping out each step of the way.

For private clients, Epure has the same approach. Generally speaking, private real estate developers who want to invest and are looking for a trustworthy partner to handle the entire project, contact the company. From the selection of properties with high return potential to legal and financial counseling all the way to delivery and exit strategy; Epure does it all. “Whenever we speak of architecture,” continues Bichara, “we mean the entire process.” In every

project, Epure will thus design the tailormade furniture all the way down to the ideal way for the joiner to build them. The main reason for Epure’s success is the confidentiality with which they treat each client, as well as their involvement in every stage of the process – allowing the company to really understand the needs of the clients and ultimately find satisfactory solutions. Holding the loyalty of its clients as a proof of quality, Bichara insists on the fact that at Epure, the projects are always conceived in collaboration with all stakeholders. With contemporary, future-oriented and innovative architecture, Epure strives to become the ideal partner for companies who want to relocate to Brussels, change offices or simply renovate their working space. Bichara’s team will also continue creating the best investment opportunities for their clients, in the Benelux region but also in France or elsewhere – and who knows, maybe one day work with you.

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