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Page 51

Discover Benelux | Special Theme | Yacht Design & Engineering

For the Studio Delta team it’s all about meeting the wish of the client to find viable, practical and sleek solutions.

Stylish yachts for passionate yachtsmen TEXT: BERTHE VAN DEN HURK | PHOTOS: STUDIO DELTA

What started as a sole proprietorship is now a vibrant company celebrating their 15-year anniversary. The naval architectures of Studio Delta have a wide spread and detailed specialisation in the field of yacht design. That is why technical design agency Studio Delta is recognised as a key player in the superyacht industry. Studio Delta designs non-standard yachts and refit ships from the 50m range and up. “We design stylish yachts for passionate yachtsmen,” says Menno van Dijk, founder of Studio Delta. “It all starts with the intentions and expectations of the customer. Is the goal relaxation in the Mediterranean with friends or an adventure to the Arctic? A slim hull uses less fuel on long journeys and a wide hull gives more space for the interior. It is all about the clients’ requirements,” says van Dijk.

knowledge and insight in all aspects. We know what to expect. Therefore we can design a yacht exactly the way the customer wants.”

Studio Delta provides complete, designed yachts with attention to all safety and efficiency requirements.

Studio Delta provides complete, designed yachts. This means that everything is taken care of: weight, stability, motorising, safety and efficiency. The company is fully specialised in the design and naval architecture of yachts and small commercial vessels. With customers in China, Dubai, Turkey and England, Studio Delta has gained a vast amount of knowledge in various disciplines and regulations in the yacht building industry. Van Dijk says: “We have

There are some other and rather special projects Studio Delta has worked on. “We have developed a helicopter hangar in a ship,” says van Dijk. “This also illustrates our consulting services, which handle specific and specialised items of ships.” Currently Studio Delta is finishing a special project. Van Dijk explains: “We are on the verge of releasing a new design. A 30-metre motor yacht created in cooperation with designer Nick Mezas.” Read more about the project with Nick Mezas on page 46.

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