Discover Benelux | Issue 9 | September 2014

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Page 45

Discover Benelux | Special Theme | Yacht Design & Engineering

BOTTLER is the must-have on board accessory for any yacht owner with fine tastes in wine and champagne.


It was when naval architect and interior yacht designer Erik van Dongen – the man behind the classic interior design of, for instance, the Super Yacht Paraffin – was on holiday in the Caribbean that he had an idea that would grace yachting interiors with a truly golden rim. Do you enjoy fine wine and champagne? Let BOTTLER support your tastes. Imagine sitting on the aft deck of your super yacht glancing from your watch to your BOTTLER, realising it’s time for some champagne. You walk over to your perfectly balanced, immaculately tempered bottle – and for a moment, you’re somewhere else. Somewhere only the combination of good design, world-exclusive craftsmanship and unmatchable luxury can take you. “The BOTTLER is a symbol of top-of-therange luxury; priceless beyond any cur-

rency,” van Dongen says proudly, adding: “Every piece is made with a watchmaker’s precision, and is polished for an entirety of 40 hours. Still, no two pieces will ever be the same, something that ensures perfect uniqueness.” Spawned from van Dongen’s passion for yachting combined with his impressive CV listing multiple design projects, the BOTTLER attained its illustrious form. Knowing the customary solution had been drilling a hole in the table interiors to support the length of the bottle, he saw less wastage of veneered wood and more design potential in constructing a detached, one-of-a-kind piece. BOTTLER, which was literally created with a surgeon’s meticulousness (van Dongen enlisted a retired surgeon to carefully assemble the pieces of the finished product) has since its formation become a musthave yachting accessory for Super yacht

owners with excellent tastes in wine and champagne. Today the luxurious piece is available in brass, nickel and even pure gold, materials to which every client can put their personal touch. “All BOTTLERs, which are handcrafted in the Netherlands to the ultimate precision, can be personalised to mirror the name of the client, the yacht or its crest by a special engraving,” van Dongen tells me. Add a range of beautifully enveloped upkeep and safeguarding items, such as a polishing kit, cooling items and a luxury gift box crafted in the owner’s required wood type, and the BOTTLER is an impeccable experience in matchless craftsmanship. The BOTTLER keeps your precious beverage still, and yet, it moves everyone.

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