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Welcome to the 2014 Monaco Yacht Show:

The home of fine yachting Wednesday 24 to Saturday 27 September 2014

This year the world’s no. 1 showcase for superyachts afloat will be the best ever, with 115 spectacular yachts, about 30 luxury tenders and an extended exhibition that will host the finest and most renowned suppliers to the industry. TEXT & PHOTOS: MONACO YACHT SHOW | MAIN PHOTO: TOM VANO

The extension reflects the increasing demand for exhibiting bigger yachts in the Port. Last year’s event hinted at the beginnings of a recovery in the yachting market and it seems today that some yachting statistics are approaching pre-crisis figures, in terms of volume, with order books and the demand for finance on the increase. During the last two or three years there has been a noticeable increase in the demand for vessels over 100m and from the 2014 event and into the future the Monaco Yacht Show will be able to berth these giants for all to see.

trends. This princely destination is a wellknown staple amongst Mediterranean cruising grounds and has long been the destination of choice for superyacht owners and guests, making Monaco a natural home for this unique event.

A one-of-a-kind event

The Haute Couture of the sea

For all to see – and for a few that will be visiting the show – a chance to buy them! This annual, one-of-a-kind event attracts billionaires from around the world, many who will be inconspicuously walking the docks as they catch up on the latest superyacht

These few examples of 2014 launches are typical of the ultra chic and sophisticated fleet of superyachts that will be unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show. For Gaëlle Tallarida, the show’s Managing Director, the comparison of Monaco’s superyacht of-

Of the 115 floating palaces from 25 to 100m that will be exhibited at Monaco in September, around 40 will be unveiled to the public for the first time. This is the annual event that the builders of the world’s largest yachts look forward to; it is their chance to showcase their finest luxury yachts.

fering with Haute Couture collections is clearly obvious: “In superyachting, as well as in Haute Couture, everything is possible, harmonious and luxurious, and only the best of the best materials are used. Designers enjoy saying that the only limit to creating a yacht is the limit of the owner’s imagination! Each yacht is made possible by the work of hundreds of specialised and passionate employees.” The MYS attracts industry leaders and an ultra wealthy clientele from around the world. It offers top-class services to meet the demands of this elite clientele: VIP passes, luxury courtesy car services, helicopters and bus or boat shuttles. In the heart of the show area, the Upper Deck Lounge is designed as a place where businessmen can hold their meetings, or maybe invite their favorite clients to dine.

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