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Discover Benelux | Special Theme | Professional Training & Development

tom-made to answer to the very precise needs of companies. These types of training courses have proven a great compromise for all the stakeholders. On the one end of the bargain companies are getting employees with the optimal qualifications, on the other professionals are able to get a specialisation, become aware of a new legislation or simply learn new techniques and methods – all while keeping their professional activity. Moreover, for over fifteen years, the CRP Henri Tudor has been offering a Master’s programme for professionals. Overseen by Caroline Morilhat, the two-year programme is held only on Fridays and Saturdays so that participants can remain active throughout the course of the Master. “We currently have four Master’s programmes,” explains Morilhat, “ICT and innovation, supply chain management, quality management and IT security.”

Master 2 Diploma with 300 ECTS (European Credits Transfer System) delivered by partnering universities.

The training calendar is coming soon

students simply want to get a better qualification to reach new responsibilities during their career.”

Update your knowledge base and network The trainings are often paid in part by the company who regards it with high interest but it does happen that students invest in the course in order to advance professionally. At the end of the curriculum the participants receive an EU-recognised

For professionals or scientists who want to update their knowledge and/or meet peers on a specific subject, the CRP Henri Tudor also organises conferences with various themes. There are around fifty scientific and best practice events, networking meetings and seminars that the CRP organises each year. Those interested should mark the date – 17 October is the start of the academic school year. One is never knowledgeable enough, so in a few days only, be on the lookout for the Calendar of Trainings for the 2014/2015 year, as they will be made available on the centre’s website.

“The training that I followed,” explains Vania Martins, a student in Master of Quality Management, “allowed me to gain a strong organisational basis for apprehending very concrete situations at work and let me foresee very fulfilling opportunities in the future.” For Cyril Deom, who just graduated with a Paul Wuth S.A. Master in ICT and Innovation in July 2014, the programme allowed him to learn aspects rarely tackled in a company – from adapting to change to communication techniques. “Generally speaking,” adds Morilhat, “the participants hold a Master 1 diploma before entering our programme, but for professionals who can attest of a minimum of three years in the field, there are also ways of being accepted in the Master course. Our attendants are very heterogeneous, aged between 25 and 55, and they are attracted to our courses for varied reasons. Some want to change fields, others want to specialise or validate skills learned on the job with a diploma, and finally some of our

CRP Henri Tudor learning programmes appeal to everyone who is considering changing their career, specialise in their current field or validate their skills with a diploma. TOP RIGHT: Vania Martins defending her thesis.

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