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to award-winning companies dedicated to delicate crafts and traditional constructions, supporting the luxury that is yachting with a personal approach.

Astrid Bryan Known as the Flemish Hollywood wife gone clothing designer and, now, Hollywood film star – Bryan has quite a few stories to tell. Opening up to Discover Benelux, she talks about hard work, that breakup and how to stay true to oneself around slightly aggressive gossip press.



Communication Solutions There might not be many things all businesses can agree on, but the importance of direct, clutter-free and proactive communication will surely make the cut. Whether concentrated to an internal base or provided as a service to external operators, communication in all its forms welcomes continuous innovation and development. Our theme presents groundbreaking communicators looking to make themselves, and you, heard.



Yacht Design and Engineering For a complete low-down on the best of the best in yacht engineering, architecture and design, look no further than this section. We’ve spoken





Architecture special Epure Architects boast the depth and the width of equally qualified services spread across an entire industry and more. The Belgium-based company believes masterful architecture lies in perfect balance between the client’s and the user’s needs, a philosophy that has got us swayed.

Attraction of the Month Few attractions manage the high venture of combining educational value with riveting experiences. C-mine in Belgium is, however, a master of the trade.

Honouring Sax in his City November this year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Adolphe Sax, Dinant’s homegrown musical genius. A quirky musical invention later named the saxophone was to make his name known around the world, and there is no lack of pride in the creative musician’s hometown.

Restaurant of the Month With some of the highest regarded – not to mention Michelin-starred – restaurants in the world, the Benelux region has proved itself a worthy contender at the top of the culinary prize podium. Let our Restaurant of the Month tickle those taste buds!

The Eye behind the Red Thread Swedish-born Staffan Tollgård is a purveyor of interior design perfection – something Barbara Chandler, design writer at the London Evening Standard, found out when visiting his superb Chelsea showroom.

Hotels of the Month Our handpicked Hotels of the Month have an array of quality features to offer; everything from golf courses and spas to top-class restaurants and stunning views – all in the beautiful company of enthralling Benelux sceneries. What more could you want?


Professional Training & Development Developing existing talent within established business structures can be one of the most important investments you can make for your company. With a commitment to going above and beyond in qualitative business development, Luxembourg has emerged as a European focal point for professional training – and after reading this month’s special, you will understand why.


Wellness and Beauty We never tire of learning about the newest treatments, products, tips and tricks to make us look healthy and glowing, do we? Exactly. Relish in beautifying tips from ANBOS, our introduction partner, and let our featured beauty and wellness companies guide your way through the beauty jungle.




Regulars & Events Steve Flinders looks into English as a business language and Josiah Fisk is confused by coffee terms. Also, soak up some business inspiration from our monthly calendar, guiding you through the eventful landscape of business happenings in the Benelux countries, as well as the UK.

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