Discover Benelux, Issue 76, April/May 2020

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Tulip Festival.

Tulip Festival 1-30 April, Amsterdam, the Netherlands One thing is certain: no virus can stop the magnificent tulip fields of the Netherlands from bloominvg in April, so there will be plenty of beautiful colours to witness. The famous Amsterdam flower parade is sadly cancelled, but we highly recommend a stroll or drive between the flowering meadows.

National Museum Week 20-26 April, the Netherlands At the end of April over 400 museums across the Netherlands put on special events, exhibitions and tours, as well as making entry free or heavily discounted. Make sure to check out how your favourite museum is participating online, and stock up on a super-powered dose of culture!

Concertgebouw. Photo: Hans Roggen

Brussels Short Film Festival Postponed, Brussels, Belgium The renowned Brussels Short Film Festival has been postponed until a later date, but organisers assure us that it will take place sometime in 2020. So stay posted and tune in later this year for a pick of the very best short films Belgium has to offer, as well as an impressive international selection.

National Museum Week. Photo: Jorrit Lousberg

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