Discover Benelux, Issue 76, April/May 2020

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La cité Miroir. Photo: Pascal Brunet

Cultural dialogue There is no better way to discover a country’s soul than by visiting its museums and galleries, and Belgium and Luxembourg are both home to an array of fascinating institutions. For example, La Cité Miroir in the Belgian city of Liège is housed in a beautiful, Bauhaus-inspired, listed 1940s building, with a high arched ceiling, and is an arts and performance space dedicated to citizenship, the preservation of memory, cultural dialogue and education.

Historic cities Walking around many of Belgium’s cities is like wandering around a huge outdoor museum. A must-visit is Tournai, which sits a stone’s throw from the French border on the banks of the river Scheldt. The city has a big reveal in store for 2020: the iconic Notre Dame de Tournai Cathedral has been restored to splendour following almost 20 years of extensive restoration works.

Photo: Galerij Theaxus

Up-and-coming If discovering new artists is your thing, then there are countless contemporary art galleries all over Belgium and Luxembourg. There are great places like Nassau 42 Fine Arts in Antwerp, which explicitly aim to welcome visitors who have little prior knowledge of fine arts and who champion up-and-coming talents.

Photo: Musée Royal de Mariemont

Musée des Arts Anciens du Namurois. Photo: Goudji

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