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are volatile and, as we work with people, we don’t want to take any unnecessary risks, we only use solid, trustworthy technologies.” And those, the Amstelzijde Kliniek has aplenty. Each of them serves a different purpose, from skin improvement to tattoo removal.

Transparency The clientele of the Amstelzijde Kliniek is a very diverse group. Although the lion’s share is female, more and more men are finding their way to the clinic, as well. The age of patients also varies from 20 to 93. “We also have return customers aplen-

ty. Sometimes, I jokingly call myself a cosmetic general practitioner.” The main reasons why people keep coming back are the personal service, the high level of expertise and their transparency. During the first consultations, the doctors inform every client about what’s awaiting them and exactly how much it will cost. In fact, the clinic has published a complete price list on its website, as well. “Knowing my clients longer and better does, also, help me to assess their expectations with more precision. You know what is important to them and how you can improve their lives. And that is what satisfies me the most.”

The importance of certified practitioners: As liberating as good cosmetic medicine is to many, as horrible can the results of amateurish work be. Therefore, make sure that the clinic of your choosing – as well as its doctors – possesses the right certifications and permits. At the Amstelzijde Kliniek, all doctors are properly certified and its highlyadvanced materials get audited annually.


Issue 74  |  February 2020  |  69

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Discover Benelux, Issue 74, February 2020  

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