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Bart van den Belt.

baby in May, and I’ll be taking four months off. I wouldn’t have been able to do that five years ago: my ego wouldn’t have been able to handle the feeling that I am, in fact, missable, and that my companies can run smoothly without me. It’s a learning process that many leaders have.”

Trust in the coaching environment To facilitate this learning process, van den Belt approaches the coaching relationship like that of good friends. “When working around vulnerable topics like these, maintaining trust is essential. Therefore, while I am not afraid to address issues head-on, I will always be

hard on the issue but soft on the person,” he explains. “Like a good friend, I will say things to my client that they don’t want to hear, but that everyone around them already knows. That’s what a friend would do, but I have the added benefit of an outside eye. And unlike everyone else around them, I have no demands or requirements for the executive: I am here to support them and their journey.”

You are the bottleneck Ultimately, van den Belt believes that his approach will not just help executives in

their personal lives, but that it will benefit their company, too. “When things aren’t quite right at a company, it’s often the top level you need to look at. My mentor John Maxwell calls it the Law of the Lid: a company can only grow as far as its top executive’s leadership abilities. If the executive is stuck, for whatever reason, the company cannot experience growth. I often tell my clients: you are the bottleneck.” “I am a great believer in serving leadership. To be a real leader, you have to be able to find your success in serving other people, instead of status,” van den Belt explains. “In the end, you want your company to work in service of its clients, but this is a process that needs to happen top-down. You need to set the example as an executive. If you serve your staff, you’ll set the example for your staff to serve your clients. Mahatma Gandhi once said: ‘The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others’. I find that to be true.” Van den Belt coaches clients internationally and is happy to travel if there’s a need to be on location. “We can have coaching sessions via video call, or I can fly to wherever is convenient for the executive. I tailor my services to each client, in both content and form,” van den Belt concludes. To learn more, visit:

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