Discover Benelux, Issue 73, January 2020

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Meriam Slijkerman

Marlies Tousain

Meriam Slijkerman started as a business coach in 2016 and has already built up an impressive resume of successful clients whose lives she helped to transform.

By combining two decades of personal business experience with specific coach training aplenty, Marlies Tousain’s profile is unique.

Simone Noordegraaf, CEO of iPEC Europe.

iPEC At the European branch of the prestigious American coaching school The Institute of Professional Excellence (iPEC), you learn all the skills and insights you need to soar high as a coach and leader.

Bart van den Belt

Drukte Makers

Bart van den Belt is a renowned Dutch author, speaker and business coach. He now focuses his attention primarily on entrepreneurs and C-level executives, helping them to reach the same success in their personal lives that they enjoy professionally.

Many businesses looking to boost their potential often limit themselves by improving only one aspect of the working environment. Dutch business coaching firm Drukte Makers has helped companies on almost every continent achieve success by doing the opposite.

ChamoiX Coaching ChamoiX Coaching guides high performing leaders and teams in exploring the heart of their business. Based deep in the French Alps, an hour’s drive from Geneva Airport, ChamoiX Coaching is surrounded by stunning nature.

Elsbeth van Lienden, founder of The Pink Walnut.

The Pink Walnut

CoachingSchool Amsterdam

Ivonne van Dis

The first important lesson that The Pink Walnut teaches is that one’s decisions are driven by thoughts, feelings and emotions, which mostly originate from a subconscious level, so one believes them to be true.

As business culture gets more horizontal by the day, the leadership style of today’s managers must follow. At CoachingSchool Amsterdam, they turn yesterday’s managers into tomorrow’s coaching leaders.

Ivonne van Dis started her coaching bureau in 2009, when she became a certified coach, and expanded her training to become a certified ‘businessreader’ in 2013. Issue 73  |  January 2020  |  45