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Belgian National Holiday. Photo:, Eric Danhier

Over het IJ Festival

European Championship Sand Sculpting

5 – 14 July, Amsterdam, the Netherlands The era in which theatre only happened in empty and sterile black boxes lies behind us. On the riverside of the IJ, the Over het IJ Festival gathers the best location theatre pieces from the Netherlands and beyond. Enjoy performances at improvised stages on the docks, at the beach or even inside an industrial container.

9 July – 31 October, Zandvoort, the Netherlands Where some of us, already, struggle while constructing a simple sandcastle, others are able to curve the wildest shapes out of a pile of sand. At the European Championship Sand Sculpting, the continents’ finest artists compete in moulding the most impressive statue of sand. This year, Leonardo Da Vinci’s work is their source of inspiration, raising the bar sky-high. The contest

European Championship Sand Sculpting. Photo: Zandvoort

itself only lasts for a week, yet, the creations stay afoot until the end of October.

Dour 10 – 14 July, Dour, Belgium Despite its alternative line-up with metal, reggae, ska and post-rock, Dour is Belgium’s fourth-largest festival. Spread over nine stages, you can see your most obscure heroes in

Dour. Photo: Olivier Bourgi

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