Discover Benelux, Issue 67, July 2019

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The science of cycling at NEMO Science Museum TEXT: ARNE ADRIAENSSENS  |  PHOTOS: DIGIDAAN

What are the Dutch if not a nation of cyclists? To the supermarket, to the office: they do it all by bicycle. At the summer programme Brilliant Bicycles, Amsterdam’s NEMO Science Museum zooms in on their beloved mechanical steed with a range of exciting experiments and amazing activities. With its unique shape and deep green-blue colour, NEMO Science Museum is a dominant landmark on Amsterdam’s skyline. On its roof, a high-altitude piazza stretches out, offering a breathtaking view of the city. During summer, the roof is open until 9pm, for seven days a week; making it the ideal spot to see the sun sink behind the high-rises. On Thursdays, music and beer tastings spruce up the balmy nights. Yet, the museum’s biggest summer attraction is housed inside the building. With its temporary exhibition, Brilliant Bicycles, NEMO puts the spotlights on our beloved bikes. “We take a closer look at the bi36  |  Issue 67  |  July 2019

cycle in all its aspects,” says Anne-Marie Gielis, senior marketer at NEMO Science Museum. “By means of three moving installation pieces by Charlotte van Otterloo, we show how it has evolved throughout the years. A bit further, an experiment explains how a bicycle remains balanced.” Crafty cyclists might want to create their own bicycle gadget in the atelier further on. A flower pot for your handlebar? A crazy bell? If you can imagine it, you can make it! “You can also design your dream bike on paper and ride it with a little help from a green screen.” Away from the peloton, NEMO offers plenty more hands-on, educational games and experiments. At The Machine, you become a logistics expert by sending packages around the globe, and at the museum’s Laboratory, you can grab yourself a lab coat and safety goggles and perform your own chemistry experiments. World of Shapes teaches the youngest about the shapes surrounding them while

The Lightning Globe rushes electricity through your body without you feeling a thing. The exhibition Teen Facts talks about puberty and those raging hormones that come with it. Those who still want to visit this last one, however, might want to hurry, since it will permanently close on 1 August. From 23 November on, Humania will take its place, taking you on a fascinating journey through the human body.

Brilliant Bicycles runs until 1 September.