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Seeing is believing One of IV Estate’s most successful projects focused on individual talent is Het Talentenhuis (The Talent House), a centre of expertise that collaborates with headmasters to shake up the school system. “It centres on the idea that every child deserves to develop their own talents. We firmly believe that knowing your talents can have a significant impact on your position in society,” Van Merweland says. “It takes courage to take that step as a headmaster, but those who did made a significant difference to the individual development and growth of their pupils.” Van der Marel: “If a child excels in something, it’s likely that they start performing better in other fields as well. Ultimately, this approach helps schools to look at their pupils differently: and that’s what we’re going for. Our team has helped over 50 schools!” Another IV Estate project that had a significant impact was Stichting Masterclass Jong Talent. In collaboration with their

partners, IV Estate sets up or takes part in projects centred on education and care. Van der Marel: “A school came to us as they had trouble engaging students with talents for things outside the traditional school curriculum. As a result, we started Stichting Masterclass Jong Talent, a foundation that celebrates all talent by delivering extracurricular master classes in art, technology, music and theatre.” These high-quality workshops are the foundation of a very strong talent programme, allowing children who otherwise might not have been able to, to keep working on their special talent outside the walls of a classroom.

Never stop innovating Just like IV Estate encourages its clients to keep dreaming and stay curious, they are not shy of learning themselves. “We are constantly looking to improve our goals. Our partners are full of energy and interest for the impossible, which is why we’re always doing research to see what’s being done on a global scale,” Van Merweland

tells us. They also learn by visiting international schools with innovative approaches: “The Performing Arts School in New York taught us that passion should come before talent when scouting students, while Columbia University showed us that the soft skill most essential for success is empathy.” This year, the team will be travelling to China for research on the future of new media and a visit to the Renmin University of China in Beijing. While there are certainly plenty of great initiatives out there, Van Merweland and Van der Marel admit that we still have a long way to go: “Our future goal is to make people aware that talents are not always straightforward. Some people find their talent when they’re 40, so don’t give up and keep searching!” Are you dreaming of a system that makes the world a stronger, better place? Web:

Van der Marel in conversation with Saja Katte (teacher) and Yoran Bos (The Talent House).

IV Estate works with their own IV Pillars Model. Photo: Pixabay

IV Estate was founded in Rotterdam. Photo: Pixabay

Yoran Bos (The Talent House) and Saja Katte (teacher) in conversation about smart technology.

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