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Discover Benelux  |  Culture  |  Lifestyle Calendar ble throughout Luxembourg city. Shop, eat, discover and enjoy yourself at the most unexpected of places and you will discover how warm a spring day in Luxembourg can feel. www.springbreak.lu


Affordable Art Fair 15 – 17 March, Brussels, Belgium Hanging art on your walls is no longer something for only the lucky few. The Affordable Art Fair travels the world, selling pieces of art that you will love for prices you will love even more. Open your mind and dive into the work of artists of various stripes, and buy yourself a masterpiece on a shoestring. www.affordableartfair.com

TEFAF 16 – 24 March, Maastricht, the Netherlands Forget Paris! Forget New York! For ten days a year, the eyes of the international art scene are pointed at Maastricht. At TEFAF, you can find the greatest fine arts, antiques and design pieces in the world. www.tefaf.com

Lux Film Fest. Photo: Romain Girtgen

Wim Delvoye

76  |  Issue 63  |  March 2019

Movies That Matter 22 – 30 March, The Hague, the Netherlands In all corners of the world, talented filmmakers create relevant masterpieces which, sadly, never make it to your neighbourhood theatre. During the Movies That Matter festival, these pictures get the attention they deserve. Allow yourself a glance at the other side of the world in the shape of cinematographic masterpieces. www.moviesthatmatter.nl

Wim Delvoye 22 March – 21 July, Brussels, Belgium Few artists are as debated as Belgian ‘enfant terrible’ Wim Delvoye. With a pooping machine, tattooed pigs and taxidermy art, he always surprises both friend and foe of his work. Now, the fine arts museum in Brussels opens its doors for him and displays his work in the shadow of Rubens’ masterpieces. www.fine-arts-museum.be

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Discover Benelux, Issue 63, March 2019  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 63, March 2019  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.