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The Social Conference 21 March, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Presence on social media is vital to remain relevant as a company. During The Social Conference, professionals and academics liaise about the untapped potential of this powerful channel. Apart from many interesting speakers, this year’s programme features a social hackathon, one-on-ones with influencers and professionals, and an introduction to mindfulness, to make room in your head for new ideas. www.thesocialconference.com

The Social Conference.

Women Economic Forum 8 – 9 March, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Parallel to the (mainly male) World Economic Forum, the Women Economic Forum hands the microphone to successful and empowering women on the brink of changing the world. They are active in over 150 countries and set up in a handful of locations every year to discuss and put things in motion – not just regarding gender equality, but also concerning other major issues that the world is facing today. www.wef.org.in

Microsoft Ignite 20 – 21 March, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Microsoft’s annual dive into the goodies of digital technology goes on a tour through Europe this year. During their stop in the Netherlands, developers and tech professionals are welcome to attend the many talks, practical learning sessions and eye-opening keynotes. Pick out the learning path that suits your interests best and start your journey. www.microsoft.com

E!Sharp Live 21 March, Brussels, Belgium In its magazine, E!Sharp gives you a bimonthly update on the state of the European Union. During its live event in the heart of the continent, they will shine their light on the major developments the union will face in the upcoming months. With Brexit and the elections approaching expeditiously, there is plenty to be discussed. www.esharplive.eu

International HR Forum 28 – 29 March, Amsterdam, the Netherlands Human resources are the most valuable assets of a company. To take your recruitment skills to the next level, the International HR Forum introduces you to top-notch recruiters from major firms around the world. They teach you how to recognise the scent of talent from a broad distance and how social media can be your ally while reinforcing your team. www.ict-solutions-hu.com

E!Sharp Live.

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Discover Benelux, Issue 63, March 2019  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 63, March 2019  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.