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If we wanted to list the Netherlands’ great design successes, the number of pages in this magazine would not suffice. Yet, there is more to Dutch innovation than meets the eye. Dutch architects are, for example, pioneers in building a more sustainable future. They look at it as an inspiring challenge, rather than an annoying hurdle. Of course, the Netherlands is also known for its exquisite taste. Among others, the Delft Blue china and the iconic wooden clogs, prove that Dutch design is timeless. And although it is timeless, it is never boring. This combination of good taste and a nose for businesses makes Dutch entrepreneurs skyrocket to the top. Fést.

Three Dutch design labels to watch Great designers as they are, the Dutch draw much attention in the worlds of fashion, accessories and interior design. These three booming brands are well on their way to becoming very big in their respective fields.

Fést Design should not be a privilege for just the happy few. With that credo interior-design brand Fést creates a myriad of beautiful and affordable items. Best known, are their elegant yet cosy sofas. Pick one from their ‘prêt-à-porter’ collection or order a custom-made one to your specific taste.

Ace & Tate.

Either way, you will be purchasing a qualitative and comfortable eyecatcher that will spruce up your living room in an original and budget-friendly way.

Ace & Tate Ace & Tate puts an end to paying astronomical figures for designer eyewear. They produce high-quality glasses, starting from 100 euros or even less. They do this not by compromising on quality, but by overseeing the chain entirely themselves: from the designer till the consumer. The brand currently has 35 stores spread over eight European countries.

Atelier Charlie Atelier Charlie wants men to express themselves through their outfits. They create small collections to avoid the pitfalls of mass production and produce everything in Italy and Portugal instead of faraway sweatshops. Do not expect a new collection every few months, however. Atelier Charlie adds a new piece to its existing collections only every now and then. Not ever to make the previously released items outdated or irrelevant, but always to reinforce the label’s impressive arsenal.

Atelier Charlie.

Issue 63  |  March 2019  |  11

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Discover Benelux, Issue 63, March 2019  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 63, March 2019  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.