Discover Benelux, Issue 54, June 2018

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Halles Saint Gery – the Brussels Agora A stunning brick and wrought iron NeoRenaissance structure in the heart of the city, and a meeting place to enjoy heritage, art, culture, performance and food. A former covered market in the heart of Brussels, the Halles Saint Géry in the Ilot SaintGéry is a stunning brick and wrought iron structure by architect Adolph Vanderheggen. It was inaugurated in 1882 in the neo-Renaissance Flemish style and houses a pyramid-shaped fountain from 1802. The market flourished until the end of World War II, was slowly abandoned in the ensuing years, and finally closed in 1977. Revamped and re-opened in 1999, the Halles Saint Géry has evolved into an Agora, a

focal point for exhibitions, conferences, performances, meetings, cafes and more. It covers 2,000 square metres across three floors, marking a crossroads that links the history, culture, arts and identity of Brussels. This remarkable building is a reflection of the multifaceted aspects of the city itself, as well as acting as archive for the Brussels Region. It brings the past and present together in a hybrid blend of inclusivity. Some 250,000 visitors per year come to enjoy more than 25 exhibitions, 50 cultural events that include cinema evenings, and nightclubs hosted by DJ Stet. Themes include: the revolutionary spirit, sexuality, a biennial forum dedicated to technological innovation and a focus on feminine art and style.


Visitors can discover any number of innovative events and ideas here, but they are invited to participate too. The Halles Saint Géry prides itself on welcoming a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy here. Look out for the Street Art exhibition in partnership with Le M.U.R: And Les Halles by Night is not to be missed! Web:

Open seven days a week, from 10am-2am Free entry to exhibitions which are open until 18:00 Late night Thursdays until 22:00 Halles Saint-Gery Place Saint-Gery,1 1000 Brussels +32 2 502 4424