Discover Benelux, Issue 54, June 2018

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Rotterdam Rooftop Days 1-3 June, Rotterdam, The Netherlands With the most breathtaking skyline in the Netherlands, climbing the roofs of skyscrapers and others buildings promises to be quite the adventure with the best possible reward after a long way up: a mesmerising view over the skyline of the city which is better known by its nickname, Manhattan on the Maas.

Antwerp, City of Baroques 1-3 June, Antwerp, Belgium Did you know that Antwerp was the most distinctive Baroque city in the Benelux? During these three days in June, the city pulls out the most magical decorations and a lavish programme in which old Baroque meets new with theatre, exhibitions, music and historic walks.

Oranjewoud Festival 1-10 June, Heerenveen, The Netherlands During this week in June, some of the greatest musicians from all over the world gather on the beautiful greens of Oranjewoud to perform from Issue 54  |  June 2018  |  65