Discover Benelux, Issue 54, June 2018

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Cupbliss offers that little bit extra with your coffee TEXT: CATHY VAN KLAVEREN  |  PHOTOS: CUPBLISS

They are commonly used by companies everywhere: coffee cups, probably used by every employee when they make their afternoon stroll to the coffee machine. Still, the appearance of these cups could use an update. Meet Cupbliss, a company by the Dutch Rintske Bosma. She not only changes the way we drink our workday coffee, but also the way we think about responsible entrepreneurship. Cups by Cupbliss spread positive messages. Literally. They already stand out just by their vibrant colours alone, but each and every cup has a written note on the exterior: ‘Keep it up!’, ‘Open your heart’ and ‘You’re wonderful’, to name a few. “I want to inspire people to start a conversation with each other and to open up,” Bosma explains. Still, tweaking the appearance of a disposable cup most of us use for coffee is

not the only thing to what Cupbliss owes its success. When starting the company, Bosma had just one thing in mind: being in service to others. “It means I give away half of the profit I earn.” She donates it to charities her customers choose, but Bosma has her own foundation as well: The Cupbliss Safehouse Foundation was established to help children worldwide that are being sexually exploited. “I always wanted to help children in these circumstances, but I’m not the type of person who then runs off to the other side of the world. I don’t know if I could’ve made a difference that way.” Before Bosma started Cupbliss three years ago, she developed new markets for IT companies. So she already knew how to set up a business. “It’s not like I dreamt about ‘creating the best coffee cup on the market’, but it had to be a product with that one key condition: it had to be something people always need.“

Mission accomplished. Bosma knew how to persuade big companies like L’Oréal and KPMG, so their employees now sip from the positivity spreading cups. “I want to do the things in life that make me happy. My way to be happy, is to make other people happy.”


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