Discover Benelux, Issue 54, June 2018

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Bring the beach to you There is no place like home - but in summertime, the beach makes a pretty good runner-up. So why not combine the two? Get yourself some beachy accessories and never leave the house again! TEXT: XANDRA BOERSMA


2. Take a minute... sit down and enjoy the moment. Drink a cup of coffee in the sun while listening to the whistling birds outside. Tip: add a fun pillow to this chair. € 359


2. 1. Add a little sunshine Let us be honest, the sun is not always a sure thing in our part of Europe. You can always guarantee it though, by bringing this beauty into your home. € 13,77 4. A warm wake-up Quite literally, because when waking up in an interior like this, you will immediately feel like you are someplace else. Prices vary


3. Brighten up the floor A carpet has two functions: it feels nice on the feet when it gets a little colder outside in the evening and it looks good. This one will do both and will give your room just that little more warmth. € 17


5. Funky vases Adding a little more colour to your interior is easy with vases like these. Choose them in different shapes and colours and you will spice up your interiors in a flash. € 37 10  |  Issue 54  |  June 2018