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exhibition allows us to trace parallels with other cultures,” enthuses Chouna Lomponda. “It has been attracting people of all origins and we’re seeing people we don’t normally see here.” This theme is perfectly in keeping with the Jewish ethic.

Stimulating exchange and reflection Bruxelles: Terre d’Accueil? has been extremely popular with school groups, thanks to an array of material, guided tours and specific workshops which have been made available. After all, it is via education that one can spread understanding of other cultures and break down prejudices. “We have an educational dossier that provides information on those men and women who have come from abroad and helped shape the face of our capital. There are also educational trails which address the theme of migration, deconstruct stereotypes and prejudices, and question the past in the light of the present. This stimulates exchange and reflection.”

Arts, the Jewish Museum of Belgium’s aim is to promote the knowledge and understanding of history, religion and Jewish culture over time and space, emphasising its spiritual and material wealth. The museum encourages visitors of all origins to question the specificities, correspondences and reciprocal borrowings from respective cultural heritages in order to fight intolerance. Besides, look out for online exhibition Le Chantier Poétique de Stéphan Goldrajch, a collaboration between the visual artist Stéphan Goldrajch and photographer Myriam Rispens. The artist initiates the process of developing a ‘poetic project’ that brings into resonance the founding stories of the Bible and the transformation of the building. This original concept consists of following the demolition and reconstruction of the museum through multidisciplinary, poetic and artistic language. For now, the expo can be followed via social media, but

later this year will be presented for real in the newly renovated museum. Le Chantier Poétique de Stéphan Goldrajch can be followed via; www.facebook.com/Goldrajch2015/?fref=mentions Practical information: Bruxelles: Terre d’Accueil? will run until 18 March 2018. Entrance costs ten euros (7 euros reduced rate). For further information visit; www.mjb-jmb.org You can also connect with the Jewish Museum of Belgium via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Date for your diary: Do not miss Museum Night Fever at the Jewish Museum of Belgium on 3 March 2018!

Bruxelles: Terre d’Accueil? also presents the work of various emerging artists in Brussels including photographers, street artists, sculptors and video makers who offer their vision on the subject of refugees. Look out for film showings, artistic performances, conferences and workshops. “It’s an exhibition which is completely relevant for today, what with the widespread debates about immigration,” points out Chouna Lomponda. “Visitors should come out with a clearer understanding of the past and present.”

Fighting intolerance Situated on rue des Minimes in Brussels’ historical districts of Sablon and Mont des

Chouna Lomponda.

An image from Le Chantier Poétique. Salomé Richard, named most promising female at the Magritte Awards. Photo: © Goldrajch/Rispens

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Discover Benelux, Issue 49, January 2018  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 49, January 2018  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.