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vices, veterinary medicines, food, and cosmetics. Today, Pharmaspray employs 27 people working in very different fields: high care production, supported by laboratory technicians, biomedical scientists, and pharmacists. While Mobacc was founded in 1982 and is privately owned, founded and still managed by the Schott family, Pharmaspray was launched as a separate entity in 2003, when business was expanding and new high-tech plants were opened for the various applications of the aerosol technology. “Before – and some companies still do it that way – our production for a wart remover spray took place next to the production for bicycle-chain spray. Not the best mix,” Strootman explains. Sustainability is an essential part of Pharmaspray’s philosophy, and stands at the core of all development, production and transport of its products. Measurements such as developing an Eco product line (which contain less or no harmful substances or solvents), expanding the selection of waterborne products and reducing energy consumption in the plants all contribute to Mobacc’s overall sustainable policy.

State of the art facilities All products are developed and produced in Pharmaspray’s hi-tech plant in the Netherlands’ Veendam, where production lines are equipped with the newest technology for aerosol filling, which ensures a stable and consistent production process. Pharmaspray’s facilities meet with the most stringent demands regarding product quality and production safety. “When you work with such sensitive products, safety is essential,” Strootman continues. “Quality and safety within our factory is our main priority. This is clearly defined by our management. The drive to be the best is translated into the layout of our production facility, our quality manual and quality policy. Our aim is to be in compliance with the applicable quality standards and legislation on the highest level possible.” Pharmaspray is in possession of several certification levels which are complementary to each other. The daily operation is performed according to the right standards which ensure a full traceability, high safety and quality of the products. Quality manuals ensure a high standard of operation and the production areas are subject to a planned maintenance and cleaning

program. Raw material inspection, line clearance and product separation ensure a minimum risk in defects and an absence of mix-ups. Every production step taken is registered in a Batch Manufacturing Record, which ensures full traceability for the used packaging materials and raw materials. Every production batch is reviewed before leaving the door, and documentation and reference samples are kept as long as needed and related documentation are stored for a minimum of five years. And the support does not stop at the door. “We work with a lot of big trading companies, who often prefer to outsource a lot of their activities,” Strootman concludes. “Excellent logistics are a vital ingredient for guaranteeing the freshness and traceability of orders. That consists of more than just transporting a product from A to B: it concerns the entire supply chain.” Web: 9640 AH Veendam The Netherlands +31 - (0)598 - 626 666

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