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a lot easier for producers to venture into new markets and boost their sales,” Anita explains. “And our clients can order the kegs to be custom printed with their own branding to raise brand awareness in new export markets.”

End users The KeyKeg concept also delivers great benefits to end users, such as bars, restaurants and festivals. Firstly, KeyKegs are much lighter and easier to store and handle than steel kegs or glass bottles. “Just think about it,” says Anita. “Imagine having to move 40 bottles of wine, which is almost seven wine boxes, or instead just having to do one trip with one 30-litre KeyKeg!” Another great benefit is the two-compartment design of the KeyKeg. “It means you can dispense your beer with air rather than having to use CO2. Air pressure between the keg’s inner wall and the filled bag will pump the beer up to the tap. So the beer will not be tainted by additional gases and using air will positively impact on the end users’ carbon footprint.” The two-compartment system, with a laminated inner bag inside a hightech PET pressure vessel, also ensures optimum quality and shelf life, and guar-

antees beverages the best possible protection over the entire supply chain.

Environment Although the KeyKeg’s carbon footprint easily complies with the sustainability targets of most companies, Lightweight Containers’ research and development department are constantly working to increase the system’s sustainability even further. “At the moment, around 81 per cent of any KeyKeg is fully circular,” Anita explains, “which means that 81 per cent of any KeyKegs which are returned can be used to produce new KeyKegs. Our ultimate goal is to make this 100 per cent, so we will have a closed cradle-to-cradle process in which the empty KeyKegs are the raw material for our new disposable kegs.” In order to further support this ambition, the company is also setting up a plan for large-scale collection of used KeyKegs.

Social responsibility It is Lighweight Containers’ mission to benefit the whole supply chain, from producers and distributors to bars, restaurants and their customers – and this includes the company and its employees. “We do not

only have a responsibility towards our customers but also towards the people who work for us,” Anita explains. “Although we have grown tremendously, we are still a family business and everyone is part of the team. We work in small teams using agile and scrum methods, we provide alternative ways of working, sports facilities and unlimited fruit, and everyone in the company has the same title, ‘senior business creator’, to underline our philosophy that we all work towards the same goal, with different competencies and responsibilities, but with equal weight.”

Future As the company is rapidly expanding into markets all around the globe, Anita is convinced that for Lightweight Containers to include their own employees in their mission statement is the only way to keep growing in a sustainable way. “It’s vital that we keep these values – family, social responsibility, the environment - in our DNA to remain the company we are, doing our bit to make this world a better place!” Web: www.keykeg.com

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Discover Benelux, Issue 49, January 2018  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 49, January 2018  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.