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in Las Vegas and Cologne, and more fairs are on the itinerary. Verhoeven Tools’ name was changed once more in 2013, when the company expanded its range with safety work clothing, safety shoes and personal protective equipment.

Some things do not change Although many things have changed over the last 40 years, Verhoeven Tools & Safety is still a family company at heart, with many ‘Verhoevens’ working on location in Velddriel. And there are some other stable factors: since its founding, Verhoeven has honoured and worked with professionals from the field. “Although our products are distributed through wholesalers, we support and inform our end-users in a proactive and professional way,” enthuses marketing and communication manager, Aart Jan Verweij. “Many new products are developed in close collaboration with professionals from the field, and our assortment changes constantly to meet any new techniques or requirements in the industry.” Other important collaborators of Verhoeven Tools & Safety are educational institutions

and producers of building materials, who have for many years trusted Verhoeven to develop and produce the tools of tomorrow. “It is all a matter of adapting to the endusers’ needs,” Verweij emphasises.

Super Prof With the Super Prof brand, Verhoeven has proved to be an absolute frontrunner in the industry. The label offers a complete, innovative and ergonomic range of high quality professional hand tools, which contribute to true craftsmanship, working comfort and productivity. The Super Prof products, such as the aluminium plastering knives, trowels, sponges, comfort profiles, Twisters and jointing rules are made for a wide range of professionals like plasterers, bricklayers and tilers. Verhoeven elaborates on two Super Prof designs: “One of our in-house designed and produced products is the Twister,” he says. “We have mounted a rotating grip on a stainless steel blade profile of the plastering knife. This makes it possible to adjust the grip in each position you desire, which creates an optimal, comfortable and natural working posture. Of

course we are proud that this innovative product is made in the Netherlands.” Another innovative design is the leather grip as applied on many of Verhoeven’s products. “We started with a wooden grip on our hand tools, and a hard grip and a soft grip followed through the years. For a wide product range, we now work with our latest ergonomic Pure leather grip that absorbs moisture better. This provides a better grip, improving work comfort and productivity.” Super Prof supports working professionals with a 360 degree marketing concept: from instore points of sales information and packaging to demonstrations in shops and during events. “And to communicate with the various professions online, we have launched a branded Facebook channel and website,” adds Verweij. “Supporting the professional in the best way we can – we will always focus on that.” Web: www.superprof.nl Facebook: superproftools info@superprof.nl

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Discover Benelux, Issue 49, January 2018  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 49, January 2018  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.