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ble and safe.” This includes all-important issues and considerations such as fire safety and pleasant acoustics. “Using the right materials and the proper expertise we can ensure that all these things are taken care of.”

forefront of new developments, whether it’s wrapping, full colour printing or LED lighting,” Hans smiles. “I guess that at 21 we have truly come of age. We have all the ambition, all the energy and all the experience to attract new customers and build our business as the Netherlands’ leading sign makers and installers.”

Retail 3.0

One of the biggest changes in indoor signage over these last couple of decades has been the rise of the shopping experience, according to Hans. “If stores want to survive, this is one of the key requirements they will need to offer,” he explains. “To us, it’s a challenge we really relish. It means we have to make sure that these increasingly extensive and complicated designs can be built according to spec and then match them with a flawless execution. It all needs to look fantastic, but it also needs to be fitted perfectly, at the right price, on time, with materials which are not too expensive and must be dura-

The rise of the shopping experience is part of a bigger shift in retailing, which has been driven by the unstoppable surge of the internet and online shopping in the last ten years. “When the crisis hit in 2007, lots of stores went under, including established, large retail businesses such as the V&D chain of department stores over here in the Netherlands,” Hans explains. “During that same period, online shopping went from strength to strength.” But, with the crisis gone and the dust settled, Hans can now see the first signs of a new development in retail, where online shops and physical stores are converging. “Online businesses such

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as Cool Blue, a hugely successful Dutch consumer electronics e-commerce retailer, are now diversifying into physical stores to give their customers the opportunity to physically try and experience their products. At the same time, physical retailers are integrating the internet in-store, offering their customers added services through their online channels.” These new developments are providing exciting new opportunities for signage and branding companies like Sizo. “New types of stores and new ways of shopping are emerging as we speak,” Hans enthuses. “More than ever, the onus is on devising eye-catching, high-quality, user-friendly retail environments. This is exactly where our expertise comes in, where we have an opportunity to shine. All I can say is: bring it on!” Web: www.sizo.nl

Sizo’s owner Hans Zevenbergen.

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Discover Benelux, Issue 49, January 2018  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 49, January 2018  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.