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THE BEST OF ‘MADE IN THE NETHERLANDS’ We showcase the Dutch brands you need to know about across a variety of different sectors.

Royal Grass Read more from page 24 Looking to achieve an effortlessly beautiful and natural-looking lawn all year long? Royal Grass specialises in realistic turf for private lawns and public spaces.

Pharmaspray Read more from page 34 A trusted partner for the medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary industries, Pharmaspray develops, produces and fills aerosol products.

M.M.C. International Read more from page 40 Founded in 1990, M.M.C. International is one of the only two companies in the world producing narcotics and precursors identification tests.

Sizo Read more from page 26 If you are looking for the perfect partner to light up your business, Sizo is the Netherlands’ number one company for retail and office signage and branding.

Codi Group Read more from page 36 A leading European producer of wipes, Codi group develop and produce high-quality wipes for personal care, hygiene and surface cleaning.

SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS Read more from page 41 SOLIDUS SOLUTIONS has many production and selling locations in Europe and produces more than 350 million kilograms of solid and graphic board per year.

Verhoeven Tools & Safety Read more from page 28 Dutch family company Verhoeven Tools & Safety is a renowned name in the developing, importing, producing and selling of high quality professional hand and construction tools.

Koninklijke CSK food enrichment Read more from page 37 Whether you are looking for high quality cultures, cheese coating, coagulants or other dairy ingredients, CSK can offer a distinctive impact for your product.

MMB Verpakkingen Read more from page 42 MMB Verpakkingen knows the secret to creating sophisticated and attractive packaging to help brands succeed.

Kisuma Chemicals Read more from page 30 Kisuma Chemicals in Veendam, the Netherlands, have been specialising in magnesium-based products since 1997.

Royal Hoitsema Labels Read more from page 38 By producing labels for the world’s biggest and most renowned companies in a wide range of industries, Royal Hoitsema Labels has made many brands come to life.

Maxxton Read more from page 43 Maxxton have developed a unique ERP solution helping accommodation rental businesses to improve their operations, reduce their costs and identify new opportunities.

Lightweight Containers Read more from page 32 From the Dutch town of Den Helder, Lightweight Containers are storming the beer, wine and beverages industry with their revolutionary KeyKeg system.

TLP International Read more from page 39 TLP International is a leading manufacturer of a large variety of jeans-processing products and textile auxiliaries.

Reklaspits Read more from page 44 With its own design, technical, graphic and production department, Reklaspits are experts in formula styling, signage and light advertising.

Issue 49  |  January 2018  |  23

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Discover Benelux, Issue 49, January 2018  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 49, January 2018  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.