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Crystal Cable, has proved a huge hit: “It’s very high-tech, but also too beautiful to hide - the life-style factor is big, looking at these products. Crystal Cable serves a different market place, customers looking for a combination of modern design and high-tech materials for their audio cables,” she says.

she says. For top-of-the-range products they even use a rare and expensive grade of silver – mono-crystal – with no structural gaps in the conductor.

Like husband and wife the two brands are complementary. “The Siltech range gives a more traditional high-end audio sound, rather masculine; Crystal’s cables are equally high-end, but with a more modern lifestyle look and feel and slightly different sound”, says Gabi.

Insulation is an equally significant element in how the cables convey the musical signal. “The electrical signal is very sensitive to magnetic fields and other external factors, so needs to be shielded and insulated very carefully.” Siltech and Crystal Cable use highly advanced materials like DuPont Kapton, a very thin foil that gives the cable the shielding and mechanical strength that previously required much bulkier materials.

All their products are hand-made by a skilled production team in their own plant in the Netherlands. They’re currently investing in expanding their facilities, and have always adopted the best production equipment. “It’s a special recipe – craftsmanship, hand-work, high technology and brilliant engineering and product design,” says Gabi.

Complementary brands

Innovative technologies and products

When Edwin and Gabi looked at combining their thinner silver conducting materials and thin foil insulators it opened up amazing possibilities for elegantly thin cables with no loss of performance or strength. The brand Gabi spearheaded,

Expertise gained on designing cables with the engineering simulation software Comsol has helped them develop speakers and other hi-fi elements. “The speakers started as special projects to show what technologically advanced products

we’re capable of making, and in turn draw attention to our cables,” says Gabi, “now they’re well-known and award-winning products in themselves. Innovation again was key in this process. “To ensure the best sound and prevent vibrations inside the cabinet, we moved into our Arabesque teardrop shape, using rigid materials like glass (still unique in the world), aluminium and metal-filled compound material,” she relates. Thanks to that engineering/art balance the end product is not just a technical masterpiece: “All these achievements serve one goal - the perfect musical experience. Our high-end audio products combine the highest technical standards with exceptional design, making them unique in the high-end audio market. Music is as essential as breathing, and music is for everybody,’ she concludes.

Web: www.crystalcable.com www.siltechcables.com

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Discover Benelux, Issue 48, December 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 48, December 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.