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THE BEST OF ‘MADE IN THE NETHERLANDS’ From beauty and interiors via manufacturing and high-tech, we showcase the Dutch brands you need to know about across a variety of different sectors.

Blèzi Cosmetics Read more from page 28 Blèzi Cosmetics are truly long lasting and use only the finest natural ingredients, ensuring makeup stays perfect all day.

Schuerman Sea Fastening Read more from page 34 Schuerman Sea Fastening creates beautiful and practical bespoke crockery fittings for luxury yachts.

NPI – Nederlandse Plastic Industrie Read more from page 40 Founded in 1957, the company NPI has earned a reputation as a major water storage expert in Europe.

MARC INBANE® Read more from page 29 MARC INBANE is a Dutch luxury goods company specialising in the design and retail of cosmetic products.

Balk Shipyard Read more from page 35 In addition to specialising in refits and rebuilds of luxury yachts, Balk Shipyard also builds new superyachts.

Koltec BV Read more from page 41 The team at the KOLTEC company in the Dutch city of Breda are experts in all things related to electric fencing.

Capi Europe Read more from page 30 Capi Europe produces lightweight plant and flower pots of the highest possible quality, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Jachtwerf de Jong Joure Read more from page 36 De Jong Joure specialises in the design and building of wooden boats including sloops and ‘vletten’.

Livecom Read more from page 42 Improve customer satisfaction, boost sales and enhance trust in your brand with the Livecom Multichannel solution.

Mulder Shipyard Read more from page 32 A traditional family company, Mulder Shipyard has gained a worldwide reputation in motor yacht building.

International Audio Holding Read more from page 38 High-end audio manufacturer International Audio Holding are renowned for their brands Siltech and Crystal Cable.

Stout Verlichting Read more from page 42 Mixing classic and modern design, Stout Verlichting produces stunning lighting which is both functional and atmospheric.

Issue 48  |  December 2017  |  27

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Discover Benelux, Issue 48, December 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 48, December 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.